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too long... [17 Apr 2016|06:44pm]

It's been too long since I last posted here. Ever since I joined A03, I've been booked with writing. Oh, well. So far I've been able to keep up with the latest files. However, I barely remember to make LJ cuts. So if you have't read the latest manga files. Please do not continue reading unless you want to be spoiled.Collapse )
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Mysterious: A Detective Conan/Magic Kaitou RPG [27 Mar 2015|04:45pm]

Are you a writer or role player interested in writing in the Detective Conan or Magic Kaitou fandoms, or aspiring to be? Then come check out Mysterious!

Set after the Holmes’ Revelation arc of Detective Conan and Midnight Crow of Magic Kaitou, Mysterious is a role playing game that entwines both Detective Conan and Magic Kaitou into one setting, providing a multi-era, but not era clash environment.

We are an extremely friendly, laidback, creative and quality writing group, encouraging players to write their stories in a character driven game. Players are encouraged to create their own murder mysteries, events, and explore the mysteries of the FBI, CIA, Black Organization and game-only introduced MI6.

Come and explore and develop Gosho Aoyama’s world with us!

  • 4 years of activity, message board based.

  • No word count, write what needs writing.

  • No RP or previous forum experience necessary! We’ll show you the ropes!

  • Canon characters from the Detective Conan and Magic Kaitou series accepted, however anime Magic Kaitou characters are adapted to fit the Magic Kaitou manga.

  • Original characters accepted.

  • Only a writing sample is required for canon characters.

  • English second language applicants encouraged to apply!

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Aoyama Gosho AMA [07 Sep 2014|03:57am]

[ mood | excited ]

The /r/OneTruthPrevails subreddit has arranged an Aoyama Gosho AMA (Ask Me Anything)! So, if you have a question you've been dying to ask Aoyama-sensei, you can do it right HERE. (Do read the instructions before commenting, though!) Questions are accepted until September 13th.

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[Fanfiction] Stuck [05 Jul 2014|05:28pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Title: Stuck
Author: Ran-dezvous
Genre: Angst and General
Fandom: Detective Conan
Character: Mouri Kogorou, with mentions of Mouri Ran, Edogawa Conan, and Amuro Tooru
Word Count: 851
Rating: PG (for alcohol use and mild profanity)
Original Publish Date: February 28, 2013 (on Amnesty Day at 31_days)
Disclaimer: I don't have the creative stamina to write the never-ending manga that is Detective Conan. Aoyama Gosho does.
Notes: Written for the February 6, 2013 prompt, "Where I live, everyone is sleeping." (31_days) and for Challenge #4: Alcohol (manycases1truth).
Summary: After another night filled with much drinking, Kogorou comes home and finds himself locked out of his own apartment.

( Stuck )

Crossposted to theorchidforest (my fic journal), manycases1truth, and FanFiction.Net.

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DOUJINSHI FOR SALE: [27 May 2014|05:27pm]

Hey guys, I'm clearing out my collection and I have some Detective Conan books for sale...

You can see the books ≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥ HERE AT MY SALES POST ≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤

There's also a bunch of other books from other fandoms too if you happen to like things that aren't Conan! :D Thanks for any interest!
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Detective Conan (some KNB) Doujinshi & Magi: Labyrinth of Magic Merc for sale! [23 May 2014|05:29pm]

Trying to get rid of a lot of doujinshi to make for space~
Listed are:
Kuroko no Basket Doujinshi
& Magi Merchandise\
And a ton of Detective Conan Doujinshi x_o

Click this to view the stuff!

*cross-posted to various communities. 
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SELLING: doujinshi [11 Jan 2014|03:50pm]

Hello! I have a number of Kaito/Shinichi, ShinKai, KidCon, and HeiShin doujinshi for sale if anyone is interested. The details can be found here at my sales post. Thanks!
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Looking for fic [31 Oct 2013|09:15am]

This morning I woke up with a craving to read a fic I read years ago back on FF.net, and now I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated.

It's Kaito/Aoko chapterfic, Aoko and Kid have sex during a heist, I am 99% certain there is alcohol involved, and Aoko gets pregnant. She asks Kaito to pretend to be the father because there's no way she's telling her dad that she slept with Kid during a heist, and it ends with Kaito revealing to her that he's Kid.

Sound familiar to anyone?
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Introducing Detective Conan to a Non-anime Fan [10 Aug 2013|12:58am]

As the title of this post states, how would you introduce Detective Conan to someone who normally wouldn't touch it with a stick (due to the popular misconception that anything animated is childish, grr), but is a casual fan of the mystery/thriller/suspense genre?

To the non-anime or manga fans prior to your introduction to Conan, how did you get into this series?
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Mystery Train [04 Aug 2013|04:30pm]

Originally posted by dagronrat at Mystery Train
So, the four episode adaptation of the Bell Tree Express arc has come to an end... Am still waiting to watch all four in a row with English subs but here's some first impressions from watching raws as they came out. Subs for the first three are already out as far as I know...

Collapse )

Anyone else been watching?
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Icons? [09 Jun 2013|07:37pm]

I'm looking for any Hakuba / Aoko icons people might have! Not necessarily shippy icons, friendship as well; or heck, just the pair of them in the same icon. I've managed to find/make four, but four is a very small number indeed for roleplay purposes. If anyone has any, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Collapse )
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[05 Jun 2013|06:45pm]


Selling Detective Conan The Complete Artbook Hardcover
includes about 10 spread posters, out of print, very hard to find

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[24 May 2013|07:09pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

23 Case Closed
18 Dragonball Z
25 Sailor Moon


Only One Truth Prevails@elegantamber

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[14 Feb 2013|03:49pm]

Have anyone read Case Closed manga files 844-846? If not then please do not continue reading! Unless you want to be spoiled!!!
Collapse )
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[Fanfiction] A Bachelor's Life [10 Jan 2013|09:04pm]

[ mood | full ]

Title: A Bachelor's Life
Author: Ran-dezvous
Genre: Family and General
Fandom: Detective Conan
Character: Agasa Hiroshi, with mentions of Fusae Campbell/Kinoshita Fusae, Kudou Shinichi/Edogawa Conan, Mouri Ran, Haibara Ai/Miyano Shiho, the Black Organization, Miyano Atsushi, and the Detective Boys
Word Count: 694
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Doesn't have any plot at all, so if it's not your cup of tea, feel free to skip. Also contains mild spoilers for Agasa's First Love/Gingko-Colored First Love (Files 410-412/Volume 40, Files 7-9; Episodes 421-422).
Original Publish Date: January 10, 2013
Disclaimer: Fanfiction is essentially free advertising! Therefore, please don't sue me!
Notes: Written for [community profile] fandom_stocking 2012 per [personal profile] gladdecease's request! Asexuality/demisexuality and meta, I hope this "make[s you] happier than words can say" and, once again, thank you so, so, so much for the Kogorou/Eri fic you wrote me last year! Also written for manycases1truth's Challenge #79: Child(ren).
Summary: Agasa Hiroshi's thoughts and feelings regarding his bachelorhood.

( A Bachelor's Life )

Crossposted to theorchidforest (my fic journal), [community profile] fandom_stocking, manycases1truth, and FanFiction.Net.

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Detective Conan Doujinshi Sale [Yaoi/Gen/Het] UPDATED 01/2013 [14 Dec 2012|02:40am]

[ mood | stressed ]


Price: $5 $3 or $10 $6 per book.
Quality Used, but qreat quality
Shipping: Determined at time of sale*
Where: If you can receive mail, I can send it to you.
Payment Method: Paypal**
Contact Info: Email

*What this means is I'll go down to the post office with the books you chose, get a few shipping options and then come back with a price. The books will be shipped out the day after I have confirmation of payment recieved.Just be sure to remember to email me where I'm sending the books when you've decided on which books you want. :)
** PayPal is aparently a douche and forces a fee for using it's services. It's very small fee (of like $1 per $20 sent), and this is the calculator I use. Because of that, I'm adding this fee at the end of the cost. Note: All International Paypal fees are higher than local US Paypal fees. International fees are determined with the equation (Total Amount)4.1% + $.30.

( $3 Books )
( $6 Books )

UPDATE 01/16/2013:
Magic Kaito Anthology Red Moon: Here

crossposted: miss_sera & dc_yaoi

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Magic Kaito - Opening and Ending Themes (Image Heavy) [17 Nov 2012|01:16pm]

(Reposted from my post on DCTP)

Guess whose Magic Kaito DVDs arrived today? :D

Now I don't really have any intention of posting a ripped version of the actual opening and ending themes on Youtube or Mediafire or something like that, (don't feel like having Shogakukan breathing down my neck) but I did want to share the new footage with you all, so here are screencaps of the new animation for the Magic Kaito opening and ending themes. :)

Collapse )

Collapse )
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[11 Oct 2012|01:23pm]

I did some Detective Conan cellcharm designs!

Collapse )

Hope you guys like everything! <3
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Doujinsji Index (not commercial) [05 Oct 2012|10:37pm]

This is just a site I stumbled upon while searching for unfortunatly almost nonexistant DC scanlations (the only place I could find was aarinfantasy.... )

I don't really know if this has been posted before (and it's probably useless to you since it only contains information about them and is NOT selling them, but I'll share it with you anyway ;)


Have fun~
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DCW Podcast - Episode 29-30 - Streaming Available! [25 Sep 2012|09:12pm]

Here are the latest episodes!

7/28/12: Episode 29
With special guest, gabapple!
Topics include:
"Welcome back, CarpetCrawler!!, latest Conan news, how to eat a Cheez Doodle 101, the new direction of the Magic Kaito anime specials, new opening and ending themes, Bourbon, Vermouth fanservice and the latest manga case, Shin'ichi's actions during the Ski Lodge Murder Case, the eventual fate of Bourbon, anime recap, crossovers we'd love to see with Conan <3, nananananananananananananananananana-BATMAN!, DC Rewatch update, picking up on the clues that Araide was Vermouth, cooking with gabapple, and more!!"


Length: 1 hours and 56 minutes


9/14/12: Episode 30
With special guest, Parkur!
Topics include:
"Latest news, latest manga developments, the announcement of another Magic Kaito special, more Magic Kaito specials on the way?, The Eleventh Striker, Agasa's yellow beetle is for sale, CarpetCrawler is going to Comic-Con, weird Detective Conan merchandise, Gosick, and more!!"


Length: 1 hours and 16 minutes

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