cursed_magic (cursed_magic) wrote in detective_conan,

Mysterious: A Detective Conan/Magic Kaitou RPG

Are you a writer or role player interested in writing in the Detective Conan or Magic Kaitou fandoms, or aspiring to be? Then come check out Mysterious!

Set after the Holmes’ Revelation arc of Detective Conan and Midnight Crow of Magic Kaitou, Mysterious is a role playing game that entwines both Detective Conan and Magic Kaitou into one setting, providing a multi-era, but not era clash environment.

We are an extremely friendly, laidback, creative and quality writing group, encouraging players to write their stories in a character driven game. Players are encouraged to create their own murder mysteries, events, and explore the mysteries of the FBI, CIA, Black Organization and game-only introduced MI6.

Come and explore and develop Gosho Aoyama’s world with us!

  • 4 years of activity, message board based.

  • No word count, write what needs writing.

  • No RP or previous forum experience necessary! We’ll show you the ropes!

  • Canon characters from the Detective Conan and Magic Kaitou series accepted, however anime Magic Kaitou characters are adapted to fit the Magic Kaitou manga.

  • Original characters accepted.

  • Only a writing sample is required for canon characters.

  • English second language applicants encouraged to apply!

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