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It's been too long since I last posted here. Ever since I joined A03, I've been booked with writing. Oh, well. So far I've been able to keep up with the latest files. However, I barely remember to make LJ cuts. So if you have't read the latest manga files. Please do not continue reading unless you want to be spoiled.
This is for loyal fans that haven't given up despite Gosho Aoyama's seeming determination to write up to 1000 files or more. However, the story seems to be remarkedly fast paced. This case is surpisingly more than 3 files this time around. While we have the mysterious murder of a singer that was going on and on about a song named 'Asaca.' We have 3 suspects, and three detectives; Bourbon aka Rei Furuya, an undercover agent from the National Police Agency Security Bureau, Subaru Okiya aka Shuichi Akai a FBI agent, and Conan.
On the murder case, it's a toss up, who had the strongest motive. The manager, his ex girlfriend, or the company president. The pesky reporter; Hirokazu Kajiya seemed to be more interested into digging up any dirt on Rokumichi Hado.
We finally get to find out why Bourbon hates Akai so much. There's flashbacks explaining why. It goes back to Scotch, another spy's death. While Bourbon claims Akai killed Scotch, the flashback has Akai going; 'It felt like I killed a ghost. How creepy' in file 954.
Is it just me or was Akai overdoing it in an attempt to act like a loyal BO agent? If so, then he certainly succeeded Bourbon hates him with a passion and wants to kill him. He must have been furious when Akai was outed as FBI.
On another note, we have Kir; a CIA spy, Bourbon; a NPA agent, Scotch; a PSB spy, and Rye; a FBI agent. All that is missing is MI6/SIS from Britain, if Gosho decided to go further and drag in spies from all around the world. My question is why all those spies? Is Gosho trying to include all of the intelligence agencies from all around the world? That would be one character too many.
Unless, he decided to have Rum be another spy? If that is the case, then how the hell did he/she hide their true loyalities? Since Rum is second in command and close to the boss.
All those letters reminds me of alphabet soup. Oh well. Any theories? If anyone has some about who the killer is, Scotch's death and what Gosho is up to with all those intelligence agents. Please share.
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