no (kurafufu) wrote in detective_conan,

I did some Detective Conan cellcharm designs!

*3* I'm actually going to order the cellcharms this weekend so uh, if anyone was interested in actually getting a set of them, I've opened up preorders for them here at my store. They'll be at a discounted price for the preorder period of this weekend, so... sdglkhg yeah. If anyone was interested! (I'm also only making a few, so this is just a small thing mostly for myself XD XD )

I also made a tileable background for these charm designs if you want to use it as a desktop wallpaper or something!

Actually, this is just the cropped version because the background is SO HUGE. (This cropped version won't tile, so don't use it! It's just to show you what the background looks like haha.) The full version is here at DA!

Hope you guys like everything! <3
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