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Mystery Train

Originally posted by dagronrat at Mystery Train
So, the four episode adaptation of the Bell Tree Express arc has come to an end... Am still waiting to watch all four in a row with English subs but here's some first impressions from watching raws as they came out. Subs for the first three are already out as far as I know...

Is it bad that I now want to ship these two quite thoroughly?

Overall, good quality animation and story-telling I think, using some spiffy techniques such as kickass thick-lined styles for close-ups and 3D rendering of the train. Sadly the team's enthusiasm seems to have lagged heavily for the fourth one, with clumsy drawings and childish anime proportions popping up in the final episode of the case... Still, some pretty good eye-candy, especially with Yukiko who literally stole the show in my humble opinion. Some luverly shots of her! ♥

Would have been nice to see this as a 2-hour special as had been Gosho's wish but... I don't think they did too bad on it after all. ;)

Anyone else been watching?
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